Ex comfortable with being "friends." How to push it a little further?

Broke up 3 months ago. We've talked here and there on phone about general things, mostly with me initiating the convos. I feel he is comfortable with this situation now. Now he is contacting me.quite often.

I don't want to just be his "friend." I see no point in it.

How do I talk to him? What do I say that will possibly want to get back as a lover? He's not seeing anyone.

I feel maybe I should ignore his calls so he can see what he lost, but I'm afraid if I do that he'll feel rejected and never call me again. Advice please?


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  • You need to have some patience if you want this guy back. This is a good sign that he wants to maintain a friendship and is trying to re-establish contact. Most girls would ignore him since obviously he broke up with you to be with another girl. That didn't work out - he liked you well enough and figures why not try? Does he appreciate what he lost? Who knows? The only thing you can do is decide if you want to give him a chance - make him PROVE that he cares for you - don't give away your trust TOO SOON.. I'd give it a few weeks - if he doesn't suggest getting back together ( YOU JUST BE PATIENT AND DO NOT EVEN SUGGEST YOU GET BACK TOGETHER.. NOW you have the power/ the control of your emotions. You decide if you get back together in the longrun.) I'd just let it fizzle out. Don't pressure him and just act like you are happy to chat with him but do not let him monopolize your time. Let him know you are still interested in dating other guys. You need to make him work for you, Honey. You DO NOT want him dumping you TWICE for greener pastures.. Don't let him use you. If you are all cooperative and sweet and take him back TOO Fast... he may just take you for granted. Wait til he TELLS you he MADE A MISTAKE... something like that ~ don't wonder.. Just be a tiny bit patient. I have been in the same situation. We had to re-establish trust - friendship - to build on. But if he had let me know we would never be together again - I would have never looked back. We made it and are together now hoping to marry in a couple years ( money woes now.. but we are doing good.) GOOD LUCK! KEEP YOUR POWER!

  • Tell him you are not interested in being his girlfriend but think he's a great guy and would like to remain friends. Let I'm decide what he wants to do after that. It would be selfish of you to say " I don't want to be your friend anymore".. He was ok to date but not be friends with? Do you have enough friends? Isn't there a point to FRIENDSHIP? Would you rather be with guys who just get what they want and break up to go their separate ways? Doesn't sound like a very deep relationship. If you're afraid you will reject him and never call you again - you have just contradicted yourself. You need to figure out what you want. Just make it clear.. NO HOPE for dating... JUST FRIENDS.. He will meet a new girl - and he won't have time to call you anymore. You don't have to say anything else to discourage him as a lover besides.. I DO NOT WANT TO DATE YOU. PERIOD.


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