Broken up, is she having second guess or what is even going on?

ok, so me and this girl dated for 2 years. we basically lived with each other for a year, even got a dog together, get family loves me and mine loves her. or relationship got really stagnant, and one night I just couldn't take it and I broke up with her. it was ment to be a break. but it never ended. she started seeing this other guy almost immediately after. (I have full faith she never cheated on me)
I wanted her back. you say and do things you don't mean when your mad or upset. she didn't want to. I tried everything in my power. we still talked a little bit. then one day she came over to get some of her stuff, and things ended up happening, and we slept together, and basically got back together for 4 days. she broke up with the other guy. then she just left me and went back to him. then a month rolls around. she has dinner with my mom at my house while I'm at work. my mom and her work together. I tell her I'm about to start seeing someone else, and she comes back over and spends the night at my house, she broke up with the other guy, and said she wants to be with me. the next morning she tells me that she can't.
and we're texting a lot now. and she wants to drink with me soon. what is going on. why is she doing this, what does she want. I changed, the relationship would be completely different if we got back together, in a good way.


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  • leave that toxic chic alone... move on in your life


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  • you better move on cus you've become the second choice in her life.
    all her decisions about staying with you change a lot, which means she's not sure about that relationship... it's like she's waiting for the right person or the right time to leave.
    you may not accept what happens, but you have to make your own decision as she does.


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  • Don't contact her for a while until both of you get your heads on straight.


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  • Yeah she regrets it. Move on though

    • in all honestly. I want her back. I love her with all of my heart. everything about her was legitimately perfect. everything I was looking for. I mean of course there's always issues, but the good out weighed the bad so much

    • I'd want her back too, but that's not good for you man. Your mom doesn't seem to be helping either.

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