Girlfriend says she loves me but I hurt her, says she wants me but I hurt her. What do I do?

So me and this girl have been dating off and on, and there has been a decent amount of lack of communication due both our busy life style. The lack of communication however has lead to us breaking Up, and having us feel the need to take time to think. I feel as though I no longer have her trust and that the more and more I reach out to her. The more she pulls away. I've tried listen to my mind, which tells me maybe I no longer have her heart. My my heart keeps telling me she's the one. When I do get to talk with her she always seems to be pretty dodgy on the topic of our relationship. She tells me that she loves me and wants to be with me, but I hurt her. So I'm asking for help. I don't know what it is I should do to get her back. I've tried just about everything I can think of to make things better. Any ideas on what I can do to save this chance of making something out of our relationship?


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  • 1. It may be too late to save it.

    2. What did you do that hurt her?

    3. Does she want a break or does she want a break up?

    • I asked her a question regarding personal life matters and when she said she couldn't tell me I told her that if we can't be honest with each other then things were not going to work out, and she told me that she can't give me what it is I want, all I wanted was an honest answer , and I think by telling her that what I did hurt her.

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    • For about 3 months

    • I don't know what the question was but there are some things that people don't want to share when a relationship is that new. Perhaps the answer was embarrassing or she was afraid that you might judge her because of her answer. E. g., a girl who has previously been sexually assaulted may not disclose that to you until you have been dating a year or more; if the perpetrator was a family member, it may be several years before she tells you that. Her reluctance to disclose that does not mean that she is being dishonest. Imagine that you had a perverted uncle who performed oral sex on you when you were a child. Is that something you would want to volunteer to someone you had known for only a few months?

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