No Text Back- Do I Have No Chance?

My best friend goes to boarding school and when I was visiting her I got reacquainted with her older brother's (who attends the school as well) friend who goes there and lives in a different state from me. During one of my visits, we hit it off and started talking and didn't stop for two hours. We talked about everything- including our relationship philosophies. We both agreed we were not relationship people and our chemistry was through the roof. He asked for my number and texted me the day after and then the week after saying that something reminded him of me. We texted with fluid conversations for the next month or so. The texting naturally slowed down, but he had invited me up to visit him at his college the next year, plus we texted each other at least once a month.

My friend told me he had gotten a girlfriend- which did not bother me since I figured with him going to college would end after the summer. Then, I found out that he got a new phone via Facebook and that he wanted people to text their numbers to him. However, when I saw this it was multiple days after the status was made so I did not want to seem like a creep and text him it so I just figured I would text him one day and when he asked who it was it would not be a big deal.

I texted him on Father's Day with something that he would appreciate, so it was not an awkward Hey or something like that. No response whatsoever.

I want to hookup with him and everything seemed to point that he wanted to hook up with me, but we just didn't have the time. Does the no text back mean that basically he's done with it since I'm still in high school? Is the girlfriend possibly hindering him from even maintaining a friendly relationship with me? Or is it just not a big deal and I'm just being anal?

We do run in the same social circles since he's good friends with my best friend's older brother and we will more than likely run into each other at some point within the next year. I really don't want it to be awkward and I want to go in knowing what to expect


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  • Yes most guys in college aren't that interested in high schoolers any longer!


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