Girls, Girl with boyfriend always blushing/face turning bright red?

Girl whom I was sharing constant eye contact with on the way home from work, for months. We would always check each other out however at times she would act like I'm not there so I stopped catching the same transport and that's when she started staring and dressing up, however we would never speak. Then I would randomly appear every few weeks and she would be staring at the ground then look suprised to see me and stare at me. She would sometimes look sad and always seem to remember me. After months of not seeing me she started to making excuses to speak or if I sit really close to her she would look fidgety. Then another time she glared at me knowing I sat near her because I like her. And smiled but then stared at the ground in deep thought cuz she knew I was nervous. Then I had an accident and she didn't see me for 3 months. and she still would stare and she always looked sad. Then I stopped standing near her and she would check makeup and purposely walk past and say hi and blush real bad. 3 months later I came back n seen her with a guy and she seen me and looked extremely anxious and aggressive towards her boyfriend kind of brushing him off. Her face was bright red and she couldn't look at me. So for a joke I liked all her Facebook photos to see her reaction the day after. She seen me and smiled massively until her boyfriend who I seen before was giving me dog eye. She didn't know I was the guy who commented on her picture at first but she kept smiling and then faced me with a huge smile but didn't say anything. Her boyfriend turned back around and then she blocks me saying her boyfriend is aware etc etc. 3 weeks later I messaged her saying sorry and I wanted to introduce myself and she made me shy, n explained y I disappeared. N I don't expect a response but maybe we can get to know each other in the future. Now EVERYTIME she sees me she turns bright red, stares at her phoneand whispers to herself. I keep my distance and she looks stressed see below
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She always looking to see we're I am and if I got off at my usual stop. And looking depressed. I just want to know what she always blushing and going red for she knows now that I did like her I know she had a boyfriend it's clear that she not to keen on him. Any help would be appreciated I'm really confused?
Girls, Girl with boyfriend always blushing/face turning bright red?
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