Guys, Will be stopping by my exes work. Should I give a heads up?

I will be stopping by my ex boyfriends work strictly for job purposes. We both work in the medical field so not often but very rarely I have to stop by his work. He broke up with me but Im fine now. Its been a while since we broke up. I dont want it to be awkward as the breakup doesn't bother me now. Should I give him a heads up that I have to stop by? Or should I just stop by and not care. He has a new girlfriend and I have a new boyfriend but the last time we talked, it didn't go so well. Part of me doesn't care and I kinda want to see the shocked look on his face when I show up lol, but a part of me wants to be the bigger person and show some respect with a courtesy text.


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  • Do what you want, but if I were you I wouldn't. Not because I intentionally wouldn't, but rather because I wouldn't think it to be something important to do.

    • Thats how I feel. I dont see it being a big deal since were adults so I agree with you.

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