Who is the abuser?

This couple went through therapy because of their problems and was recommend some medicine to help cool down.
One of them had been abusing the other and one day one got tired of it. One of them grabbed a knife and attacked the other. The girl had a stab in the arm and a few mark on the stomach but the boy face was scratched and a stab wound in his stomach through but didn't hit anything bad so he was okay. The police came and automatically assume that the guy was the abuser and the girl was protected herself but in reality they couldn't tell. They both had fingerprints on the knife and they were two different stories. The girl said that he kept beating her so One day she decided to stand up to him and he got mad and lashed out so she got a knife to scare him away but then they started wrestling the knife causing the wounds. The guy said the girl was crazy and she kept hitting him and then one day she thought he was cheating and tried to kill him but he tried to wrestle her away and tried to grab the knife. Who was the abuser? Who picked up the knife? Why do you think they both have knife marks? What do you think happened? Why do think the police automatically assumed that it was the guy? Who do you think was the main cause?

This is a test because I want to see if your like people are today. By your answers I can see how you think. There is a correct answer but what you answer isn't incorrect I will give you the answer after you submit.


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  • why do I feel something is wrong?

    • Nothing is wrong

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    • Knife marks. Do you have a answer

    • I feel that the girl started it and that's why stomach wound.. then he tried to take control of the knife and that's why the knife marks.. accidentally the woman was hit.. and that's why the scratches.. this can be wrong as the girl can be the abuser and she scratched the boy then boy took the knife to scare her and then the stomach marks and girl trying to take the knife damaged her hand and then stabbed the boy.. this is what I can come up with the data.. there are other things to take into details while coming to conclusion.. like the environment.. where are the marks.. how much force was applied..

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  • Well I'm not sure I definitely think that because situations with abuse it is usually a man so unfortunately people immediately assume it's the guy even if it isn't I get a vibe that the girl was the abusive one but I'm not sure


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  • It sounds like a toxic relationship overall that they both found it acceptable to wound one another like this. They both did wrong and need help. There was apparently a lot of negativity in the relationship to even begin with, enough to mutually desire harm... it shouldn't have come to that. Both deem punishment of some sort. Both need a bit of therapy. Both need to change their outlook on life, for their own sakes and everyone potentially affected by them.

  • No one. They both stabbed themselves and tried to blame the other one


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