Am I wrong for wanting their relationship to fail?

I'm friends with a girl from her who also has a boyfriend that works there as well. We only talk cause me and her are friends and since I got here he's been suspecting something was up. For months this girls has been telling me she's been unhappy for months now They been together for a year now. I didn't look at her as more than a friend until she started making moves on me.

Well one night she kissed me, and I kissed her back. the very next day she breaks up with her boyfriend and tells me she's been holding back these feelings since I started working there. I told her that we should take time away from each other and tr etc.. y and process some things cause it felt like we were moving way too fast. Every time I tried she just wouldn't have it. she said she was 100% sure about me.

She wanted to be with me from the moment I started there but the other guy asked her out a month before I started and she wasn't sure how I felt about her. a few days later.. she's texting me one night how much she misses me and what not while I was asleep. Well I wake up the next morning to a text saying I told him about us. then she texts me we can't speak anymore. I realized she got back with him.

She was constantly telling me this is the moment she's waited for. she cares about me than any other guy, even if we aren't together she still wants me close to her etc.
And to be honest I could have been all right with that. she's done a lot for me since I got here that I don't think my own family would have done for me.

Well anyway I dont fault him for being hating me but I was grabbing my lunch the other day and he tried to play it off but he knocked it on the floor. only one person saw it. That more than ticked me off though.

Anyway two days she's comes back from her vacation. she cornered me apologizing over and over asking if im mad and hate her. I just told her no and reminded her she isn't supposed to talk to me. Well thats only when he's around is what she says
I don't know what happened over the last month but she really is a good girl. first time she's cheated. and she at least told the guy.

but after she came up to me I was so angry. I know she feels bad but when he told her not to speak to me anymore she made a decision to give me up. I dont care that she dropped me for another dude.
its just how it was done. within 8 hours it went from "I love you" to "I told him".

Anyway am I wrong for waiting their relationship to not work out?
Thanks for the responses guys. In the end I really just want my friend back. I can't thank enough her enough for the things she's done for me since I got here. its hard to give that up but I guess it is what is.


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  • No you are blissfully unaware and entrapped for ever trying to remain involved with her. You need to take a large step back and re-evaluate what she has done so far and ask yourself "can i trust her, to do right by me in the future?"
    On my end it would be a resounding fuck no.

  • wow that is umm

  • Ha this girl sounds exactly like my ex. She's a selfish little girl that confuses infatuation with love, trust me, you don't want that shit. I'm assuming you're a good looking guy and hence why she's all "loved" up. She was unhappy for months in her previous relationship and decided to break things off when she knew she had you, when it was most convenient for her. Think about that and her actions. She USED her ex boyfriend and only thought about herself. If she wasn't selfish she would have broken things off with him when she was no longer happy with the relationship. Think about this now, her ex, hates your fucking guts. Why do you think that is? Do you think he would hate you if he didn't love her or was super unhappy in the relationship? Don't think so. That's crucial for you to know. The dude probably put in a lot of effort into the relationship. Why did he have to do that? Because she wasn't pulling her own weight because she's a selfish girl. So then she tells you she's sure and she knew from the moment she saw you... ding dind ding, she thinks just because she's really attracted to you it must be love. This chick doesn't know what love is and after the initial thrill of being with you wears off she's just going to pull the same exact shit on you with someone else. If you want to have some fun bang away, but don't take this girl seriously, she's way too immature and selfish to build a solid relationship with no matter how infatuated she is by you.

    • I wrote that before your update by the way

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    • Welp guess I was wrong. Either way you don't want to get involved with a girl that breaks up with her boyfriend when it's most convenient for her for another guy, been there done that, she's just going to pull the same shit on you. Go find yourself a good girl.

    • Well thanks for the input!!

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