Guys advice please?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me a little over a week ago and he says there is a chance of us getting back together but he needs time and has a lot going on lately. I'm afraid he won't come back to me. Is he just saying that to not hurt me or does he mean it? And what can I do to bring him back and make it last?


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  • Give it a another week. Say sorry to each other, go out together. Hopefully will be ok. x

    • I have said I am sorry but I'm trying the no contact rule because he doesn't really respond anymore. But that's most likely because I made the mistake of texting him paragraphs and stuff.

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    • Thank you. You as well.

    • Thanks. x

  • I think he mean it
    look at what have you done ( if wrong) do not do it again

    • I have anxiety and trust issues so I would nonstop ask him if he still loved me and I didn't trust him 100% even though he has never ever given me any reason not to trust him. I'm just afraid he won't see that I can and have changed and won't give me a second chance.

    • you said you have problem with this so just stop
      is he in general serious in a situation like this?

  • you there?


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