Why is it so easy for a guy to get over a girl?

I was dating this guy for two years... we really got close to each other mentally and everything else.. I really believe what we had was genuine but then again it's hard to tell that it was considering how fast it took him to leave me.. all because of his trust issues.. thinking I'm asking for other guys attention when he's honestly the only one I want. And I've told him that.
What I wanna know is , if you guys have been with someone for a while and you still liked them would you act like you don't care about leaving them? Because I don't know if he's just acting like it's not hurting him? He's left me twice already and always comes back whether it's a few month later or a week later.


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  • Because a lot of guys weren't really that into you as much as you were into them in the first place.

    • Lol , after a year of being friends he was begging me to date him. After we already had sex so it wasn't just for that. I genuinely think he liked me, and I know most girls would assume that but I do think he did.. been around for two years met his family went on vacations with his family... why would he have me do all these things with him and his family? I even hung around his friends with him. I don't know I just don't get how easy it is to just leave someone over trust issues

    • He may have been early on, but once he got to know you better on that level he just lost interest.

  • we guys sometimes do relationships wothout feeling something just because a girl is gorgeous

  • It's not.


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