How do you deal with an ex who is a certified a** hole, but you have a child with them?

We have been apart for 2 years, yet he still tries to make me miserable. He ended the relationship and I moved on. Today was my son's kindergarten graduation and I took off to see him, but his dad had other ideas. When I arrived he decided that my son didn't want to graduate and took him home. I was devestated as this was a special moment. What drives a person to stay mad after several years?


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  • I hope you have court ordered child support and visitation scheduled. Why do you care how he feels? He's an ex

    • I have both. I dont give a sh*t how he feels. He intentionally ruined my son's big name because of his own selfish need to get back at me. I guess I am asking how do you deal with a person like this.

    • With a grin and let your kid know they aren't the bad one

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