This time im really feel bad?

continue my story couple days ago.. i think im gonna stop right now.. u know he wanted me to waiting in chat n im said okay (i thought mybe he is busy).. then im waiting.. but he never send me mssges until right now.. i saw his wa didn't come online.. so i make insta story to check it.. finally he saw my insta story but still didn't send me msgg.. and this midnight i see his wa coming online for long time.. but he doest send me mssges.. i think maybe he is calling or chatting with other.. am i right? i feel useless.. i think he is playing with me.. why should i think and wait for him but he doesn't. so i think its better for me step back and keep away from him.. its my 3rd time to keep away.. i shouldn't use my feeling anymore. i should use my mind instead.. do u guys think that what i do is right? should i move on and forget him?


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  • yAh you should move on.. for betterment of you on life and happiness of both

    • yay i will.. so he really never serious with me based on the case?

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    • hmm 😓😫

    • don't be sad. it's for betterment for both of you

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