Why is she suddenly acting so distant?

There is this girl I met via this app called Happn about two months ago. We instantly connected, but as she wasn't over her ex, she didn't want to date right away. We instead started texting a lot, and very intimate as well. She did however apologize for not dating me sometimes after that, eventually she concluded that she could not start something new as long as she was still in her head about her old boyfriend. She however wanted to keep in contact.

Only two weeks after, she texted me late at night saying she was dating someone who apparently made her 'forget' about her feelings for her ex (apparently it was getting serious). She then asked me not to text anymore because it didn't feel right to her. I felt disappointed and a bit angry, but I had to stay a gentleman about it and told her I found it confusion and painful, but I promised not to text her anymore. I closed my sentence by wishing her the best in life. She replied wishing the same for me, so I guess our 'break-up' was as gentle as I could get it to be.

Today I accidentally crossed her on the street, and I felt it would at least be correct to say a quick 'hi' as she passed me by. She mumbled something like 'hi' back not even looking my way and walked straight past me. I don't understand why she acts so distant all of a sudden? She didn't even look at me. I was wondering if someone here can relate to this and tell me what could be going on inside her head?


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  • Meet girls in person

  • sometimes they don't know what they want


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