Dreams about my ex, even though I don't think about her often?

So, ever since a very painful breakup last November, I've been getting dreams about my ex, even though I don't otherwise think often about her (I want to actually, but I try to stop myself).
They're mostly romantic, like doing stuff together, holding hands, kissing etc.

Another factor is that straight after breakup I've gone into clinical depression, and was given prescription drugs, and attended a CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) for 2 months.

If you're into psychology, what are they reminiscent of?
And how do I generally get rid of them? There were also cases where I woke up crying (I. e. eyes filled with tears)?


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  • you're nostalgic for the time in which h life seemed good and happy

  • I think you're longing for a time which was simpler in your life. I'm not certain about the cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • she broke up with you? or did you?

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    • Hopefully it's a good future

    • yes hope for the best and good things will happen

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