My ex is in a relationship and I'm feeling happy I don't know why, any idea?

At first felt heat coming out of my body when I learnt it... but not I'm cool and happy, why?
But now** I'm cool and happy


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  • Why wouldn't you be happy? If he didn't fuck you around, be happy!


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  • wait... what? so are you happy about it or not.

    • Yes I feel happy I don't know why... that's why I'm asking this question... I looked at myself in the mirror and saw myself beautiful... it's weird... but I've been through a lot

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    • Thank you for insulting me..😐😐

    • You are very welcome. I love the fact that when women hear truth... back up... when they hear something they don't want to hear... it turns into an insult.
      Why? cuz women always WANT stuff.. it could be anything but as long as its what THEY WANT, its alright.
      Im not siding with you, im not siding with him. Im telling you the Truth. if you feel its an insult... thats ur fucking business... doesn't discredit my words. Now... if you want to talk about the WAY i said those words... lol... yea.. im a little guilty..

  • because it's your ex


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  • its ok to be happy move on and enjoy life :)


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