What should I do to a guy who mentally abusing me and showing no remorse?

So, this guy is a classmate in campus. We dont have a title, we sorta 'friends with benefits'. From the first, i dont want a relationship with him, knowing he doesn't complete my criteria. He hit on me October 2016, i was just lonely and I thought i could just have fun w/ him. So we've been fucking since then.
As time passed, i showed him that i dont wanna have title with him, then he starts being an asshole. He did everything that would hurt my feelings.
He starts hitting up on random girls, even hoe typical. I caught him smoking around me, even though i already said i dont like it.

Like, i already told him, everything that he did was hurting me. But he always flip it back to me like i was the one at fault, i was too sensitive.

And yea, he never said sorry.

But when i told him not to fuck anymore, he always pulled me back, he changed his behavior for a few moments, but every time i think im getting him back, he starts to do the asshole stuff all over again.

Recently, i stopped contacting him, and i start to responding some guys. He knew it and he was being more cold but yet, still stop me from walking away.

I dont want to get him back, im just really mad at myself, why would i let me trust him from the first place, how i could let him fucking me over, i feel i disrespected myself over and over gain everytime i let him fuck me.

Its been 2 weeks since last time we fought and we stopped fucking, even though the contact is still going on.

I know it sounds dumb, but i can't let him go, not yet. I dont know what i want, but im sure i dont want him back or even having a title with him.

I'm just so sad and mad, he shows no remorse at all. I wanna make him sorry about me. But what should i do? What do i want? Whats best for me to move on?
What should I do to a guy who mentally abusing me and showing no remorse?
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