Will he try to talk to me again?

OK so I met this older guy and we dated for a while, then when I was supposed to hang out with him on his birthday (he called me the night before and told me he's going to call on his birthday to hang out, he also made me promise him to spend this day with him)i didn't because he never called. He later sent a text saying you can't even say happy birthday your f***ed up. I sent him a text saying I wanted to say it person and what not, and i was waiting for him. two days later I got a text form him saying I'm heartless and I will never meet a guy like him again. I was hurt, and didn't reply. then almost three months later he emails me saying I miss you lets talk again. we started talking again, then the day we were supposed to hang out, he's supposed to pick me up, he never came and I ended up sending him a text saying see your playing games. he ended up sending a text at 430am saying I'm in the hospital which I don't believe at 430am. and I didn't reply I'm p*ssed, so what's next is he going to try to contact me again in the future.?


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  • ummm probably, do you really want him to? sounds like he is unsure of himself and his only way to keep you into him is by playing dumb games. I mean if you really like him just say stop the games I like you, so keep your word or ill be out..peace


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  • Yes he's playing games, and yes he will contact you again. The games will go on for as long as you let him play them. Next time when he texts to ask you out, you say "no." It doesn't really matter what you say as an explanation. You can either tell him straight up that he plays games and you're not into him, or that you're busy with stuff, etc. Whichever you decide, keep it short and sweet along with declining. He knows how he's treating you, so don't let him make you think he's oblivious or not meaning to be hurtful. He'll respect you more when you tell him you're done.

    • Yeah...i totally agree with you! He is totally playing games with you, and it won't stop until you just give him the cold shoulder. Personally...if a girl did that to me, she can hit the road so hard, because she's never seeing me again! I hate it when people mess with others' hearts...it's not fair, and it shows a total lack of respect! I've been raised by my Dad to show me right from wrong...and I wish more people could see how he treats my mom - he treats her with so much respect & love...

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