I asked my Ex for a favor a week ago then she calls back trying to do it. why?

so a week ago I asked my Ex a favor. she said to leave her alone. I said ok.

a week later, she calls me and ask me about that favor. trying to help me with it.

why? then after I told her I got the stuff already, she blocks me on Facebook again after unblocking me to ask me.

What is going on?


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What Girls Said 1

  • she didn't want aything to do with you maybe so. she said no. but as being a nice person she thought about it and wanted to help. then you saud you got what you needed so she broke off the contact once again. maybe because she doesn't want to get attached with you again if you were the one who broke up with her.

    • she broke up with me. but she wanted to wait a month and a half before she got back with me.

      it didn't work out and I said something to her and she did somethings to me. it was a terrible time. I've been trying to get her to understand I won't hurt her.

    • yeah maybe she's scared

What Guys Said 2

  • Um, she is a nice person but does not want to get hurt so she wishes to limit contact. You should not ask the ex for anything unless you are on really good terms and talk often anyhow. in my opinion

  • I see all these posts about EXes... Why does my ex not like me? This and that about an ex... should we get back together...

    An EX means.. in the past. In my life, after any break up, an EX is out of my mind. I move on almost immediately and never think of, try to contact, check up on, etc.

    Breakups happen for a reason...

    I'm not talking about someone who moved away... I'm talking about relationships that ended due to cheating, abuse, incompatibility and such. an incompatible person will still be incompatible. An abuser only gets worse. Promises "to change" are always lies.

    Who CARES about an EX? Who cares about what an EX thinks of them? I see people who whine about an ex spreading rumors or posting negative things on social media. Who cares? Their opinion should not matter at all. They are an EX... the past. No longer involved with you.

    Then "breaks"... what's that all about? all this is is an admission you can't commit in a relationship. Taking a vacation from a relationship isn't going to fly.

    ALSO... getting back together after a breakup.. or chasing someone to get back together... sorry folks, the same issues are gonna be there.

    "But I still love hm/her" So? That doesn't mean THEY love you back. There was a reason the relationship ended.

    This "closure" What's that about? No such thing... So what? It's over.. there is your closure.

    Move on... where you found one guy/gal, there will always be more. Everyone goes through MANY breakups in their lives. This EX is just on in a long line of future exes. That is life.

    Be well and be realistic.

    • Uh, some people have deep friendships that transcend the romantic stuff. The ex is like a family member & as long as everyone is on the same page that it's over it's not a problem to be friends. Problem is when people try to be friends 2 seconds after a breakup. Not going to work for the one who got dumped.

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