How can I fix things and what should I do?

So recently my boyfriend and I broke up. It wasn't because of a fight it was because we were going to different schools the next year and it was hard to stay in a relationship. On the last day we hugged and kissed, he said he will always love me.. he said in the summer we can talk everyday and he best friends
the problem is I am a needy person.. to go on with my day I need to feel loved by him. I'm still working on fixing this issue. But I screwed up. This past week after we broke up he's been ignoring me. I kept asking like 7 times a day when. Can we talk. He was always busy.. I always thought it was an excuse.. but he was being honest.. he is actually busy.
He got fed up with me constantly texting him, and I know I was wrong. He said me and him can't ever talk again because he's tired of it. In the end I apologized and agreed we shouldn't talk. I send an apology, and he read it but didn't reply. I really want to fix things. I was so needy because my mom is sick and I wanted some attention.. and I realize my actions sucked. How can I become his friend again after what I did? And he doesn't want to talk to me.. I don't know if he will change his mind. But I want to be in good terms with him and I just wanna be friends with him. I also want him to accept my apology.. what should I do? 😓
How can I fix things and what should I do?
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