What can I do to keep us together?

My girl says I treat her good and spoil her, but I don't treat other people the same and she doesn't approve and feels like she can't be with me. I am a very sarcastic person.
I don't intentionally try to be mean, it's just the way others interpret it. I'm not sure if people get hurt by it as she says but even though I am like this I have made at least over 70 friends at our university.
Is my humor too dark?
Outside of school I am a very considerate person and I even volunteer at the senior homes whenever I can but she hasn't seen or heard of that. Is it because that I am in college and it was my first year that I was showing out?


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  • Don't change who you are for her. If she can't except you, than maybe it wasn't meant to be. Honestly she sounds uptight to me. You need someone with a sense of humor.


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