He's a piece of shit or just trying to make his way through the world? what am I supposed to do?

By boyfriend cheated on my ex friend she kinda hates me now bc of him anyways he cheated on her with me and I didn't know they were dating or I wouldn't have said yes😬but then we started dating again and he kind of almost cheated and he lies to me I mean o don't have prove they he lies actually I was scared he was cheating on me so I kinda made a fake account with a pretty girl and he was like ya I'll go out with u but don't tell my girlfriend like wtf what should I do?


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  • lol he knows that you told his ex about the "cheating" with you. he might not know the fake account that you made is you but he's being sarcastic referring back to it. and I dont know if you mean sex cheating or just spending time kissing others is what you consider cheating at your age. for me i definitely wasn't having sex at 14 years old. the best part of your story is me wondering why your in a relationship with him after cheating with him being your friends back. not buying the I didn't know excuse and your the type that would do it even if you did know

    • behind* your friends back

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    • And now that I think about I can't get back into his sc anymore

    • The type of girl that would do what

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  • you should break up with him and move on, he cheated on his previous girlfriend with you and he is obviously willing to cheat on you.
    leave him and don't look back


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  • Dump him he's a player. Not many young guys can be loyal.


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