Girls, Girl with boyfriend trying to make moves?

For roughly a year me and a girl would always flirt nonverbally on the way home from work would disappear off for weeks n when she would see me again she would look shocked, stare to the ground and even walking past saying hi and turning bright red when I look at her. She would always check make up before and stuff. So o came back 3 months later to find she had a boyfriend. She looked embarrassed, because she was bright red, she also looked distant with him. so I thought at the time I left it to late but for a joke I liked all her pictures on Facebook because my friend new her and I commented agreeing with someone that she should be a model. So the day after she was staring with a huge smile. And her boyfriend was walking to meet her. When they got on she stood near me whilst he was looking around she yet again stared at me with a huge smile untill her boyfriend looked back? Which I don't understand why she kept smiling at me because then her boyfriend made her block me 3 weeks later I sent a message saying sorry and I wa meaning to introduce myself but got caught up and she made me nervous at times c she kind of cute. N that maybe in the future we can get to know each other and actually speak. So 4 weeks later I see her and she looked at me and went bright red and stared at her phone whispering to herself i walked away to keep distance I do t understand why she kept trying staring and smiling, then her boyfriend made her block me etc then after I send the message she doesn't block me on LinkedIn and then turns bright red, I whispering to herself. Also looking really stressed resting her head on the train window and keeps looking to see if I got off the train. I mean for months she kept staring at getting more hesitant as I was disappearing. So I'm confused to her actions as a whole really help is appreciated. Thank you


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  • Non verbal means nothing. You know she has a boyfriend, just leave her alone and move on. Stop reading so much into her face, if you liked her enough you should have made a move by now


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