I need help moving on. I want to hate her but I really cant?

I recently found out my girlfriend of a few months has a boyfriend of 5 years that she never told me about.

Long story short. I saw her tagged on instagram as his girlfriend on day and confronted her. At first, she denied things but eventually admitted it and told me she actually never did love me and just thought of me as a friend and didn't want to lose me as a friend.(Which is strange because she was the one who wanted me to stop talking to other girls and to call her my gf). It hurt a lot because I truly did love her and she told me she loved me too.

Anyways, I know I've talked about what happened in my previous posts here so I won't dwell on it too much. I basically told her I love her but I also want her to be happy so I won't try to break her up and do anything and I'll just let them continue their relationship.

I know I should hate her for lying to me and manipulating me but as much as I want to hate her, I can't. I think the one thought I keep thinking about isn't her but hoping her boyfriend treats her right and makes her happy.

And honestly, I'm having a hard time getting over her because of that. I keep missing her and wishing I could see her. I feel like this isn't a productive way to get over someone. I know that I deserve better and there will be better people out there for me, but I truly believe that once you love someone, you never stop loving them; you just end up hating them more than you love them. And right now, Im finding it really hard to hate her.

Any advice I guess? :/ Thanks in advance :)

I need help moving on. I want to hate her but I really cant?
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