Vacation with girlfriend - Is this reasonable?

Okay, I am in a serious relationship with a wonderful woman. We share our lives and love each other dearly. Her family likes me (even if they won't quite admit it) and my family adores her. My grandparents are building a house across the state on a beautiful island. It is paradise to relax and get away there, and I would love to take her and share this wonderful experience. I was considering a trip about a week long for us to stay with my grandparents and enjoy all the activities and events we could do. Due to the arrangement of the house in construction (I won't go into detail) we would be sleeping in different buildings and separated by my grandparents in a trailer between the buildings, one of which is an ex-marine. They are nice, but they won't let anything happen. They are very good parents who can put down their foot. This however is redundant, because I am not the kind of person who would do acts of a sexual nature. We both are strong Christians and will both wait for marriage for those things. I want the separate sleeping arrangement not only to look good, but to remove any temptation that may present itself. I will take great care of her, she is my life, I could not let anything happen to her.

So, I ask: Is this a reasonable trip to ask my girlfriend to? I should clarify, my girlfriend really wants to go, but I'm wanting to "pitch" this to her father. I have done something similar before. I asked him for permission to date her, and I would like to ask permission for this trip.


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    Bring things out nicely and I'm sure she's gonna be happy! it's totally reasonable :)


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