Would it really be a bad idea?

Getting to the point, long story short girl and I dated, she didn't want anything but Still continued to stay with me because im a nice guy (pushover), she cut me off for a month cause she got overwhelmed that i was either being mentioned by family or friends or just being around, (i was a good thing that happened in her life and literally did nothing wrong). After about a month she texts me not to apologize per say but to explain to me what had happened and why she did what she did (literally mentioned all above) Now we had originally planned to go somewhere this week, (before she cut me off), and im assuming she only came back now because she wanted to go, which i finally put my foot down and said no not anymore as well as I left her hanging on texts a couple of times. Now deep down i really do care for her, but she's that girl to take advantage of you if your too kind, i realize that now. Now should i for sure cancel this trip or just make her come to me and chase me or? (Claimed she never wanted to be with me or grow into anything but why else would she come back a month later) she's had a rough past, basically no guy seemed to treat her as good and well as i did, so what am i doing?


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  • Yeah, you need to get away from this girl. I mean, this is just so common when it comes to dating and women, but I'm a little surprised by your age because it's something that usually comes out in your early to mid-20s. There are no shortage of women who will spend time with one guy because he treats her well and takes her out while at the same time screwing other guys because she thinks they're hot -- and of course, they'd never take her out. Whether or not you two are having sex is inconsequential because the situation you describe is clearly a variant of this: she wants you because of what you can offer her, but she doesn't want you. It doesn't matter that you care for her because there are just so manly countless women out there and they're all so easily replaceable.


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