What the hell is up with him?

My ex said he wanted to stay friend and we were having a chat and then he just got bored and stopped replying all together, he didn't even bother blocking me. I'm so pissed at him? Like why even keep me unblocked if I'm bothering you that much?


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  • Block him, don't let toxic people into your life, they will hold you back, especially ex boyfriends. You could find someone better but this person could be stopping you from moving forward. Women need to start seeing yourself as an extremely valuable person, we only treat you how you treat you. And that is by what you let us do to you. Emotionally or physically.

    • He doesn't want me in his life apparently.. I just wanted to be friends at least.. I can't believe he would go lengths to get rid of me.. I feel so used and I feel like trash..

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  • He tryna ghost you to see how much you cared to keep talkin to him. he prolly wants some ass, so u might as well move on from dude. if he replies again later on, then what i said is true

    • I'm just really hurt because we ended on good terms and then I wished him a happy birthday to which he never responded..

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    • Yes I understand and thank you very much

    • np np, just hit me up if need more advice. I gotchu

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  • No matter what we do we can't force exes to be part of our life's
    i think it's sad but it appears that when people ignore us it's best
    to move on with life.

  • You're not even worth blocking... Damn.

    • ... we didn't break up on bad terms okay? He said he realized for a month before the break up that he didn't know know what love was, we talked everyday and even slept on the phone together.. He even said I never did anything wrong, he was just into videogames and being long distance kinda made him fall out of love for me..

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    • You're welcome! Lol
      Pro guesser

    • You could say I'm a pro guessive member of society?

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