What are some signs that a girl doesn't want to date you seriously?

-Just venting.

I feel lead on by a girl I liked. She told me she wanted me to fuck her and I said I wanted to wait. After a couple of weeks she started coming up with excuses not to see me. I am devastated because I bared my heart to this girl who ended up lying to me and only sees me at her convenience... I had enough of it and told her I was done seeing her.

I had invested a good 2 months into her and our relationship. Clearly she never wanted anything serious, I was just another friend, though she never told me this. She just went along with everything as I continued to move deeper into a relationship with her.

Grrr... she broke my heart 😡😪


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  • she just wanted to fuck
    you didn't
    she moved on

    • That was my conclusion as well.

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    • you said she said that in the beggining?

    • The I'm down for whatever part?

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