Can someone help me understand my exes behavior?

we broke up about a month ago. We dated for 4 years. We got in a reoccurring argument about my insecurities and he decided we weren't working. At first I was distraught and pleaded the night of the bu. After that night I went nc. I knew I had to give him space. We ended up seeing each other with our friends and talked. He was acting very strong. did the same and said the break up was mutual even tho I didn't agree. He said he wanted to remain friends and he knows we will probably cross paths but right now we both need to grow. Later that night some drama happens with our friends and us and he calls me and vents. He says that he doesn't like how they are acting awk around us etc. he says he wants to be my friend and doesn't care what people think. Find out later that night he basically was bad mouthing our rs infront of his guy friends which is why they were acting weird and he found out I knew. 2days later, he calls me, mad. He thinks that I'm trying to start shit with one of the friends that told me what he said. I tweet something later that night that had nothing to do with him and he texted me 3 times asking what it's about. We talked on the phone and I explained. He was very angry and said he was blinded by the rs and he didn't see how unhappy he was and how I'm starting drama even tho I wasn't? His friend said something to me that I didn't even ask to know. He basically just kept putting our rs down and I was kinda just letting him speak. He said that he doesn't think we are getting back together ever. I agree out of anger. He hangs up. he deleted every picture of me on both Fb and ig even tho he said Hed never do that b/c they are memories. Then tweet how much this break up was good for him. Wtf? Week later notice he's Going to bars every night and just acting so different. Couple days ago he posts "if it's meant to be it'll be, however long it takes he will be happy". We had a great relationship and we were best of friends. Is he mad I'm not fighting for hi


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  • I feel like he's waiting for you to fight because at first you wanted to get back together and that's exactly what he wanted was for you to go back to him but then he thought you moved on and didn't want him anymore so he's acting out. He's not getting the attention from you anymore.


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