Why did he lie about going back to his ex if he loves her? Why wouldn't he claim her and be honest with me? He still answers my messages?

I was seeing this guy for a few months.. we really liked each other but he was insecure. He would tell me he loved me was into me but one day we got In a fight and broke up he thought I was seeing another man and said I cheated 🙄 I don't understand how I would be a cheater when he broke up with me.. and by the way there was no other guy... anyway we never got back together but he always got upset at the thought of me being with someone.. long story short he ends up telling me he loves me but he's just hurt now fast forward a couple of months after one of are arguments he gets mad says he got back with his ex and there getting married so of course I was so hurt.. he takes it back and says he said that to hurt me.. there were so many times I asked him if he went back to her and never would answer the question.. we had stopped talking and when I wished him happy holidays he responded back and also said how he was sorry for how he treated me and the things he had said and he let his ego get in the way.. so I told him I found out he got back with his ex and he got mad and called me crazy when my intentions were only to let him know that I knew and wish them happiness.. I don't get why he got upset I don't understand why he wouldn't admit he went back to her when I knew he was dating someone elSe anyway. he went back to blaming me for everything and saying I never loved him and that my intentions were always to hurt him and not to contact him anymore.. I think he got scared I would show her the emails he would send to me while they had gotten back together.. I did love him and he left me but I just wanted the truth I just wanted closure and for him to be honest with me. Why does it make a difference if I know he went back to his ex and why was he always denying her? He said the girl he was with was just someone he was dating for a month... I don't get why lie about it?


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  • Becos he feels guilty... I think u ought to cut him out your life... changing number helps so does shutting social media down he's on and starting afresh... trust me because that sort always get back in contact to mess with your head, and you are to precious for that,.
    My ex from 5 years ago still finds ways to get in contact and it's a total headfuck, shut him off now.. let him wonder about you and let him remain feeling guilty


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