She chose to go back to her ex? Need input?

This girl I've been dating we really liked each other. She was in a toxic relationship. We agreed to just go with the flow. We had sex like crazy throughout the whole night. Anyways one day her ex begs for her back. I told her im not interested in friendship but want to be romantically involved with her. She said to me, “Well I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed your company and talking to you. I think you are a good guy and I'm glad we crossed paths”. I just answered, “Hey, just give me a call if it doesn't work out. I'd love to hang out again.” To which she replied, I'll keep in touch… now she's been trying to just ask me things here and there to were i just gave her short answers and mentioned once again, if it doesn't work out I'd love to meet again you again.. then i went no contact. She deleted me from snap but so far kept me on ig and fb. Im not going to lie i developed feelings for her and she would tell me all the time that she really liked me. Im trying to move on and just started talking to another girl but honestly i just get reminded of her. But i know only time would tell. She was with this particular ex 6 years on and off, he is passive aggressive. Im not going to just sit here and wait for her im going to give it a week then im back on the dating game. If she hits me back up if im seeing someone thats her loss if i wasn't her choice she shouldn't be mine if im not available at the moment. What do you guys think? I just hate the crush feeling. Only good thing is i move on pretty quick but this girl we had almost all the same likes, similarities and weirdness about us. She was special to me but sge shouldn't be if she could just move on herself.
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I would like to add that we had amazing sex, she admitted that she liked how i fucked her so she liked having a sex rampage with me. Almost everytime the sex was great. But she did flip the script on me from one day to the next after dating and seeing each other for a good while.
She chose to go back to her ex? Need input?
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