How do I get over him?

My ex was a huge ass. Cheated on me, put his hands on me, was barely affectionate and never wanted to talk about our issues. When I'd try, he'd tell me I'm full of drama and it's not a big deal. So finally, I sat down and tried to talk to him about how the way he talks to me bothers me sometimes, and he told me he doesn't want to talk because it's nonsense. I got mad and went off. I yelled at him and called him names. I'm usually not that way. So next day he breaks up with me because I'm too much. I wasn't really sad or hurt, just pissed. At myself mostly, because why did I put up with him for 3 years? I hate him so much. I want to slash his tires and break his Xbox. I just want to hurt him for what I went through as his girlfriend, and how he breaks up with me the moment I go off on him.

How the hell do i do I calm down and not go psycho on him? It's like all I want is revenge. Like sleep with his friend or something bitchy like that. I have never felt so angry at someone before. I just want to erase him from my brain and move on. I don't want to carry this anger.
How do I get over him?
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