How to get back the girl of my dreams?

This topic is about my ex.
I was in a relationship with her for 3 years. In this time, we had some conflicts. And I think it's my fault, that she could not trust me anymore.
We met at a party, when we both were at age 19, we had nice conversations, talked the whole night, kissed, laughed much and I brought her to her home. After about 3 months of meeting I asked her to be my girlfriend. She said “I thought you'd never ask me“. After 3 months in a relationship I told her something, that I realized. That I look at other girls (despite the fact, that she is amazing). I wanted to say the truth. Nevertheless, we were a couple for 3 fucking years, but the topic was always in her mind. Thats why we argued a lot. I had two girls before her and my best friends had something with them, this is why I was careful with girls and thought, if it was the right decision to be that close to one person again.
Well.. we had these conflicts about other girls. After a certain time she saw something I didn't do. She was afraid, I could hurt her everyday. In her last relationship she wasn't treated good as well and she build a shield to not get hurt. She was afraid when I was on facebook, when I wanted to do sth alone, when I was at work and so on. But I couldn't be mad, because I made her this way.
But after it became too much I felt the need to break up with her to give both of us the chance to be the way we are. I felt like I am in a cage and she had to worry everyday. I felt good a few days after that. But now, after 4 months, I want her back. I wrote her some letters 2 months ago how I feel sorry and that these things should have never happened. I also told her that I love her. She said she needs time and that she's happy now and is concentrating on herself, but she would meet me to “do someting on a normal level without intentions“. But since 1 month we don't write anymore (whatsapp), I don't wanna get on her nerves since she is partying every weekend and seems to be happy..


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  • the healthiest thing to do is also the hardest. you should move on. do as much things you can to distract yourself from the issue, but eventually you'll realize that it was the right thing. every breakup happens for a reason, especially after so much time. if you have doubts turn to a friend, keep open, and remember why you broke up in the first place, even try getting into dating again. if you feel that you can't move on, then talk with her, try to get a full closure on her side of the deal, but don't try to convince yourself you have a chance, try to see things objectively​, as is. but most importantly, don't cling to the past too much. move forward.

    • I don't know If u can understand, but I really have to get her back. I am not too much in the past. I learned from it, thats it. I'd say I see things realistic, the way it is. And I see a chance of getting her back, when I meet her and just do something with her, spend time with her. She will see that I mean it. That I fuckin love her. But when it says no, I'd have to respect that. Thats the way I think. Call it oldschool or weak, but I stand straight for my faults and I will show her, that this wasn't the way I usually am. I never cheated, I lied. Several times. But I regret and she forgets. Thats the way it goes. But maybe I am strong enough to make her mine again. Coz when I love, I really love. Fucking negative aspect I see in myself haha.

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    • I understand what you mean, thanks for your opinion mate
      I accept the change, but I really wanna try. After I tried, I can be proud and move on. But this step must be done. Can't change it.

    • you can and you will. cheers mate.

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