Help me analyze this guy?

okay so this guy I talked to since the beginning of the year, and I were really close at one point. he would always invite me to parties,he would always invite me everywhere his friends went, and even his house (to do nothing but spoon and watch a movie and talk and kiss here and there) he even introduced me to his family .. whatever . than I found out he was trying to hang out with other girls whatever. I saw it in his texts, I became jealous & whatever. Than I decided to stop talking to him. That day I let him go he called me up saying all this and I was like I just act this way cause I never want to lose you and he's like I never wanted to lose you, and that he felt connected to me. then the next 3 days he would text me saying "text me later" or "hey what's up" or "you want to hang out" and than 3 months later, he texted me saying how you been and whatever. and we got back and hung out again. than I heard from my friend that saw him that he was all cozy with another girl at dunkin donuts. so I decided to ditch him again. few months later.. he comes back. and were hanging out all as friends, and all of a sudden, one day he just stops hitting me up to chill. so ig go out with another guy, we last 2 weeks, and than he hits me up after we were done . we chill, and every time we'd chill he'd be paranoid that I'm using him for beer cause id always come with a friend and not talk to him much? but I think that's BS because he never actually made a move on me yet. he never even asked me out. he just kept it chill like where we were at. he told me he really likes me before. and a couple days ago I thought I got a text from him but than my phone spazzed and shut of and I never re-received that text, and I texted him saying "hey did you text me cause I thought I saw your name on my phone" and he was like no ha ha. and I'm like oh my bad I thought I saw your name.. and he was like aight. so then, from there on I haven't even received a text from him asking to hang out nothing. He didn't use me for sex, or anything. I don't know what went wrong. I know I got to move on but I just wanna know what happened? Where did all this 1 year on and off work into this "relationship" go?

but also one of the times he came back before not talking again, he told a friend he wanted to get back with me and get close to me again..


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  • Well, to be honest with you he probably did like you a lot at the start but as time went on, it seems that he just got bored and un interested.

    In my personal opinion I'd say move on and find a guy who just wants you and will stick with you. Not move around with other girls. That's just me tho, because seeing as he kinda wants to use you because he keeps coming back, and he's trying to be nice about it.

    So ditch him and find a good guy. I know its hard to, but good luck :) Hope I helped.


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