Will he fall in love with me again? How will it happen?

My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with months ago and cut me out of his life completely. The end of our relationship was a little rough as we started arguing really frequently and it got too much. We always were bestfriends for years before dating and in love so I didn't expect him to cut me out of his life completely. As soon as he broke up I started begging, the usual stuff as I was heartbroken. He would completely block me and ignore me but then we spoke a few times anyways I started to work on myself and becoming a better person, I changed myself and realised how immature/needy I was when I was with him and i owned up to my mistakes and apologised for my contributing behaviour for the downfall in our relationship. I was really pesistant as I didn't want to lose our friendship out of everything and he means a lot to me so after months apart from each other, and him also coming to a realisation of things and how he hurt me too. We are now in contact, everything is going well, we talk everyday and we have plans to see each other, and hoping to rekindle. He expresses interest and that he wants to see if the connection/bond is still there when we see each other. My question is how to get him to fall in love with me again? I know I can't force someone to love me and it happens but I'm making a lot of effort and don't want to get my heartbroken, he can see the changes in me but I know I still have a lot to prove a long the way. Is there anything specific I should do? or will he never like me again..


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  • If someone pursues a relationship with an ex they clearly still have feelings, otherwise they wouldn't
    How have you shown your love for him?
    Does he show love towards you?
    Speak to me...

    • Yeah I show my love to him a lot, I do everything I can so he knows how much he means to me. He doesn't show love, I'm sure he doesn't love me anymore if he broke up with me lol but I think he still has some feelings for me, he flirts with me but other times he's different and keeps it at a boundary. I just feel like he has someone else, I don't know what his intentions are when he comes here to see me and I did question him and he told me he wants to see how things go and to rekindle an old flame.. I wasn't sure what he meant by any of this, I don't know if I'm being crazy or if I should just give it time considering we haven't spoken in months so it's all a new start

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    • How have you shown him, give examples...

      What does he have to do to prove his love for you?

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  • It's hard, sometimes old issues pop up again..

    • I didn't want to jump back into a relationship for that exact reason, I just wanted my bestfriend back, but to move forward you have to be mature and let go of that past, which I have done and I wanted to show him that, but it's just getting him to feel for me again

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