Serious Envy Problem?

I'm Stressed out.

I just Envy this Girl life so much. I want her life.

Normally I understand people have their own struggles but she's the first I've ever felt like this before.

She has everything I want... (To make matters worse, I fell in love with her, but we never went out.)

-Good Family that won't hold her back
-Went to University
-Successful Career
-Dating Experience, She loved a guy, he left her and now she found a new guy and they love each other, Do tons of romantic things together
-She is enjoying life

I'm held back by my dysfunctional family, I never went to school, I just started working in construction and am miserable and hate it... But I have bills and can't afford to do something I love. I'm a shy virgin who can't even get a girls attention. I just hate my life so much, I'm miserable...

And the love of my life is on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, and She'll come back to her successful career and live a happy life.
Bump I really could use some help


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  • It's not fated dude. Be happy with what u have. Don't look at what others have, it will only make u unhappy.

    • Fated?

      I'm always happy for others, but I don't know why I envy her so much

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    • I hope you're right

    • I M RIGHT😎

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  • You just have to start working on your own issues. Expand your life, and focus on things that give you confidence in yourself and a feeling of accomplishment. This girl that you're fantasizing about is probably out of your reach, but you could still just talk to her, and you might end up being friends with her (you'll be sharpening your social skills at the same time).

    It's even possible that the boyfriend might drop out of the picture. It's also possible that this girl might have a sister or some girl friends that would work out for you. Just because you came from a dysfunctional family doesn't mean YOU have to be dysfunctional.


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  • The grass is always greener on the other side. That's why it's best to not compare yourself to other people. Focus on your goals and remember that there's always people who are worse off than you. If you're unhappy with your career, try saving up for school and studying something you're passionate about. It's never too late to change career paths. No matter how hard it may be right now, try to push through it. Things will change for the better as long as you don't give up :)

    • I'm really unhappy and can't make a change :(

      Just everything that has happened my life is wrecked

  • forget that you can't have

    • find a girl that you wouldn't hesitate to talk date like normal couples instead of feeling so miserable deep inside

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    • I can't find a girl who will give me a chance

    • keep trying dude

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