Serious Envy Problem?

I'm Stressed out.

I just Envy this Girl life so much. I want her life.

Normally I understand people have their own struggles but she's the first I've ever felt like this before.

She has everything I want... (To make matters worse, I fell in love with her, but we never went out.)

-Good Family that won't hold her back
-Went to University
-Successful Career
-Dating Experience, She loved a guy, he left her and now she found a new guy and they love each other, Do tons of romantic things together
-She is enjoying life

I'm held back by my dysfunctional family, I never went to school, I just started working in construction and am miserable and hate it... But I have bills and can't afford to do something I love. I'm a shy virgin who can't even get a girls attention. I just hate my life so much, I'm miserable...

And the love of my life is on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, and She'll come back to her successful career and live a happy life.
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Bump I really could use some help
Serious Envy Problem?
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