Will my ex ever get back with me?

My ex recently broke up with me because the relationship was too stressful for him and he has his GCSES on at the moment, do you think the stress is due to the GCSE's and do you think he will ever want to get back with me? Also how soon do you think?


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  • I think becaise he's a teenager right now and he. aybe feeling a lot of pressure because of his exams and career and future etc. maybe at this point it really is too stressful for him. and if he loved you chances are he'll miss you and try to get back together but I think its gonna take a few months because boys dobt realize what wrong they did that fast.

    • People are telling me that by the summer time he will want me back because he won't have much to do, do you think thats true?

    • no, and yes. by summer time he may want you back but not because he won't have anything to do, if he loves you then you are not a time pass. he will want you back by summer time because he'll finally be relaxed and he'll think about you and what he did was wrong. he'll realize that the relationship was worth more effort. and then maybe he'll come back.

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