Need a guy to decode my ex fiancés behavior?

Bare with the long story. I just don't know what he wants. All I know is I want him back. But should I move on? Please be gentle- my heart is broken... fiancé to nothing. Here's my story. We dated for a year before we were engaged. 5 months after our engagement hit the fan. We lost his house, he lost his job and filed bankruptcy. Luckily we were able to move into my house. Myself, him and my son who calls him "daddy" by the way. As a result of these events we fought a lot. He had a problem with lying (or keeping things from me rather. About the house and job because he was afraid to tell me. But I always found out and he was apologetic.). We started to work on our trust issues. Two weeks ago we had a huge fight. I told him to leave. Some terrible things were said and he moved out. No goodbye to my son. Two days later he said he wanted To talk. Didn't make it because of work. Texted for the whole night talking about what I did wrong in the relationship while neglecting his part. He was angry and cruel. Came to get the rest of his things that Sunday. Fast forward to last week. COMPLETELY ignored every attempt at my trying to communicate. Finally I went to his parents and told him to come out and talk. He wasn't home but responded to my test and said he would come the next day to talk. Said he will always love me but we are not good Together, and that he couldn't say "I love you" because he doesn't want to lead me on. He never responded to my messages the day he was supposed to come and he never came. Our breakup was messy but we were ENGAGED. I'm struggling here to understand what's going on in his head. Is he that hurt that he's just ignoring me? Is there any chance for reconciliation? I know it's a small detail but hadn't deleted me off fb yet. Should I delete him and if so, will that send the wrong message? I really want to try and make this work. My son and I are so sad without him. Why is he ignoring me after everything we shared?


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