Old relationship?

ok so back in grade 10 I dated this girl for about 2 weeks and she broke up with me but im 20 now so it's been awhile​ but I can never stop thinking about her I still talked to her throughout all of highschool I've even dated other girls but I can't get her out of my head I've even managed to get her to hate me just to see if I could move on but nope I still have her in mind and it wasn't my first relationship I dated a girl before her grade 8-9 I broke up with her but wrong with me my dudes how do I get her out of my head it's been years and it sucks


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  • bro its just the way u think I think the other girls u date u just look for the similarities of the one u mentioned and compared them to her. If u really want to move on stop comparing others and look the good points in them


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