I dont know what to do I really love her and want her back?

Ex girlfriend is in a ldr with a guy she just met and she knows i like her and i want her she knows i live her and everything she still talks to me


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  • Well from my experience an ldr doesn't last long (mine just ended last week after 2 months) so you could try waiting but I would suggest really just trying to move on. I was madly in love with my last girlfriend to the point where I had a full on breakdown when we broke up and I still am in love with her but she's already moved on and I know I don't really have another shot so it's best to try to move on and forget about her. Maybe you should try to do the same it could save you some heart ache

    • She forgave me for acting crazy and stalkerish

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    • There's always hope I guess but I wouldn't get yours up too high incase you get disappointed

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