Should I be mad at him? help really important

my boyfriend can only see me on the weekends because he is in boarding school... he came home on friday.. I didn't see him on friday or Saturday cos he was out with his friends... on Saturday night he called me asking what I was doing and I said that I might go to a movie with a friend ad that he should come... he said he will call me and let me now at 10pm... he didn't call and he hasn't called me till now... it is now 5:00 pm and still no call no text...

should I be mad at him? I feel like he stood me up


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  • nah, don't be mad at him.

    learn, live. forget.

    it's not like you went alone, right?

    just call him later and try to indirectly mention it.

    like "[friend] and I saw [movie], it was awesome, you should have came, you would have liked it"

    that's a good way of asking him without coming off as needy. then its likely he'll automatically answer you.


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  • ugh, that's just guys in general, mine does it all the time haha

    yes you should let him know that's not ok, but don't be really angry

    just say look I needed you to let me know what was happening and you didnt, that's not cool, make sure he apologises! guys quite often forget with that kinda stuf,f he probably did something with his friends and forgot to let you know, but its still not right to jsut not tell you

  • Don't be mad.

    It's not even a big deal, dude.

  • i know exactly how you feel. it makes you feel lonely and like you don't matter. but here's the thing, you can be mad but don't just get mad at him. tell him it bothers you first, bbecause if you don`t you might say somethings you regret. and that's never good:( I went thru this last night.


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