Why is he doing this?

When I sent a message to my ex because it's a everyday text, but I sent him a message the other day he sent something sexual and the sent wrong person afterwards and I sent man you be getting it and he said yep and I said nice in reply and then he sent yep I do be getting it. I'm confused on why he's doing this?


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  • why do you message your ex everyday? Maybe he's trying to give you a hint to back off.

    • Well it's a streaks thing we both send it everyday to keep a streak but he randomly sent that after I sent it

    • umm, well it still seems a little strange to me. But I guess he could have legitimately sent it by mistake, it sounds like your the one who turned it in to a conversation. He could also be trying to make you jealous, or like I said he wants you to leave him alone.

      You know the dynamic of your relationship with him better than me, but I think these are really the only 3 options.

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