How does a man live with a single woman for the rests of his life?


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  • If she is unique in some way in his eyes. That makes her special and something that he wouldn't want to lose.

    • what kind of uniqueness?

    • I don't know - things that are important to him. Different men search for different things. It might be both - some specific external features that he likes more than other types, and specific traits of her behavior. Both things are important of course, sometimes a girl with the perfect character for him but with a body or face that he doesn't like all that much, might make him look at other women. On the other side if she has just the type of body or face that he likes but has an average character, kind of not really that different from anyone else - he most likely is with her only for the sex. If she has both external and internal features that he really values - he would treasure her, and would not want to lose her.

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  • I don't know how people do it but I hate monogamy to the bone.


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