Should I text him?

so I started talking to a guy back in July 2015 we met on an online dating app, we lasted a year (long distance - California/ Ohio). Towards the end I could feel us drifting apart. I asked him one night if it was over between us and he said he didn't know. I wasn't sure what to think at that moment so I just broke things off because I thought it was for the best. Regardless of whether we were a couple or not he was a friend first and always someone I could talk to, and I regret letting him go the way I did because I never got a response to the last message I sent him. I don't know if I should take that as he's been trying to get rid of me or something else. My point is that I think of him as what seems like every day just knowing that I loved him and never told him, I regret that. Sometimes I cry, but obviously because I cared for him. Here I am a year later just thinking of how he's doing? Will he message back if I checked up on him? And most importantly would he remember me? I've been thinking about this for awhile and wondering if I should do it or not. So I need some advice what do you think I should do, should I text him after a year of no contact?


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  • This is just me but eventually you may find out that distance relationships pretty much all end the same. One or the other eventually moves on. He could be involved with someone else or just with his own life, or he may be hesitant to rekindle anything you guys had before as well. No reason why you couldn't shoot a text just to see hows he's been


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