Has anyone ever seen someone they thought they knew but it was someone who looked like her/him?

tonight I saw a guy who looked like a guy I knew very well 2 years ago. this guy tonight totally didn't know me and I'm trying to convince myself it wasn't him but a lookalike but it's still driving me insane. what if he didn't remember me?


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  • No if you feel it's him, then it probably is him. you will know for sure when you talk to him.
    And what if he didn't remember you! not the end of the world. don't bother yourself. Just go talk to him to rest your mind.

    • thanks but the guy is now gone to wherever so I can't talk to him, but it is haunting me

    • Oh looks like you had a crush on him and it's back! 🙈

  • Ask him out. Did you have relations with his twin brother?

  • it happens a lot to me

  • Yea, I thought I knew this girl at a sales desk in the middle of a shopping centre so I walk over to her. Then when I got there she says ''try this product for your hands?''. Then I realised it wasn't who I thought it was and I said ''I only came over here cos I thought you were this girl that lives on my street''.

    Then she laughed and said ''oh is she pretty?'' so I say ''yea'', then she says ''Prettier than me?''...


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