How can I win her back?

So this girl and I were dating starting two weeks ago. A mutual friend introduced us and honestly, we never clicked. Thursday last week, the girl and I broke up but not even ten minutes later the mutual friend asked me out. On Friday, we had a date and we snuggled a bunch and almost made out. On Saturday we went and saw a movie, her and I were walking around our city beforehand. We hugged a bunch and spoke about our feelings for eachother, everything seemed good. Near the end of the movie, we started making out and eventually I pulled away. Now we live near eachother so we catch the same bus home. On the bus, we sat at the very back to have some private time. We made out quite a bit and eventually we were the only people on the bus (the driver went out to have a cigarette because he realised this girl and I wouldn't be complaining) and we spoke about how we really liked eachother again. After one last kiss, I got off and when I got home, I texted her. She didn't show interest in texting so I backed off. The next day, she was going to see her mother and brother that she sees once a month, so I held back with texting again, though once she got back she still didn't want to text. On Monday I took it as she wanted to break up, so I broke it off and she was sad. I felt sick when I did it, and I really wish I hadn't. I've bought her chocolate, I've sent her a sorry paragraph saying take me back and I've asked her if she's done with me. She snobbed my question but honestly this girls the best thing that's happened to me in a very long time. What am I meant to do?
(For context we're 16 and go to different schools)
Someone please reply


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  • Didn't understand. She initiated the break-up or you?

    • I did; I felt like she wanted to break up, but apparently she didn't.

    • Keep trying. Say you misunderstood her.

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