Pacing a relationship?

OK so I have a first date and maybe we make it to kissing and cuddling and so on, second date what would be a reasonable stopping point and how long would be a good amount of time to be safe at pacing a relationship before actually having sex.


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  • Hello,

    Well some guys call me crazy but I like to take my time.. women are not like guys they don't like the idea of giving up the goods to fast becouse they don't want that label.. So I take things slow.. I've dated girls for 3 months before I've had sex with them..

    At the end of the that it all depends on the women.. when she's ready she will let you know.. stopping seeing a women just becouse she doesn't put on when you want her to isn't the best way to go.. remember the harder you push a women the faster she will run away from you..

    its all about taking your time and relaxing.. not jumping to conclusions..

    Good Luck


    • Very true but thanx its nice to have someone kinda refrshin ur mind

  • my limit is three solid meetings without sex, and I move on. The only pacing I do is as quickly as possible into the the bedroom


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