I really miss my ex but know she is bad for me?

And she misses me too.
We were together for years but we both ended it and I pushed her away when she tried to get back. We still talk as friends but not much.

Of course I don't tell her how I feel or make it sound like she can never get me back cause that is best. But part of me secretly wishes she would show up at my door and jump on me. I would be all over her. Guess I need professional help. Ha
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  • I've had the same situation before. I actually got back with my Ex. We had a good 2nd run for a while but it ended way worse the 2nd time. What you need to do is ask yourself the reasons why you broke up in the first place. Those same reasons will be the cause of the breakup if you get back together. Look, I know it feels good to have that girl back. I know the feeling. The pain is just not worth it. Find someone new.

    • Oh, I know I cannot get back with her. Mentally I know. Thanks

    • No problem. Hope you find what you want in lifem

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    • I've had a lot of exes and always moved on 100% but with this one we bonded so deep for so many years it's different. But I'm not going to get back with her.

  • bad relation ship will make stress on you you will not be able to do any thing fir your future and for your life keep all shit away

  • Why is she bad for you?

    • When we first got together everything was great. Then her family started treating her like shit for being with me and she put them ahead of me by kissing their butts and always spending time with them over me. But when she would see me she'd claim to love me and do all the right stuff during the little time she gave me. I would feel like crap after our get togethers when she'd run off again. She just has no backbone with her family & I always treated her good. I love her but that situation was really bad for me.

    • Are you really 36-45?
      If yes.. just forget her I guess. You'll find someone better for sure (:

  • No, I'm the same way


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