What routine do you follow after a recent break up?

When it has been a relationship of 2.5 years and you're the one breaking up. I mean ofcourse, if we are the one ending it, we are not supposed to feel bad or hurt. But still is there any change in our behaviour that we should adopt? Any change in feelings, like turn to happy sad or any other mode? At this time, I'm totally in a confused mode lol. I have no clue how am I supposed to behave in public that feels right to them. Break up is about to happen, but I'm just preparing myself. I'm sorry if this question sounds stupid, but this is my first relationship in which I'm the one ending it and first serious relationship as well. It is an engagement, so what people think matters too. I don't intend to be fake to anyone, but currently I'm just neutral and more practical. That's why need help.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I just move on afterwards... I move forward and don't look back.. just one more life experience.

    • So is my approach of being neutral and practical correct? Or should I change it somehow?

    • being neutral and practical is fine... be realistic.

What Girls Said 1

  • I had this same problem when I broke up with my ex of over a year. I didn't necessarily want to break up with him but I knew I deserved better. I felt (and still feel tbh) weird about the whole thing. I did feel sad and I did cry but when I wasn't sad I was just, like you said, neutral. It's ok to feel whatever way you feel, regardless of what you think you should be feeling. Bottling it all up will just make it worse. I have just kept myself busy and distracted and tried not to think about the whole thing. I cried when I needed to and now I'm just giving myself time until I eventually heal and move on completely!


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