Long distance boyfriend is going to end our relationship, I don't see the point in anything anymore, it was all I had to hold onto?

I've been with this guy for about a year but in the space of six months we've seen eachother once. I went to him and spent hundreds in doing so, he was meant to come see me in a week but just told me he can''t afford to even though he has just booked a holiday with his friends. He didn't say sorry or anything and then said maybe we should end it as it's annoying not seeing eachother. I get that he could easily find someone better, nearer, but I feel at a loss. I've been in a bad place for a while and all that I had to hold onto was that we were meant to move closer in a few months. He's the one who wanted to try long term and although we both find it hard talking about anything serious - even though we're 21 so it's a bit stupid - he's said he loves me, wants something to last a long time between us. Tonight after suggesting we end it he then said he still wants it to work and hasn't ended it but I don't know where to take the conversation anymore. I don't know what to do with myself. In the last few months I've been screwed over by several people close to me and I literally have no one. Don't know what to do. Sorry just had to write this out I know nobody can really say anything.


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  • I'm really sorry you feel like that and to hear your situation regarding close friends. Long distance can be stressful but if he's prepared to book a holiday with friends and lie to you about being financially unable to see you, maybe you already have your answer as to what you should do. I'm a really good and empathetic listener, if you need to talk to someone you can always send me a message :)

    • Hey, thank you. He didn't lie about it he told me when he booked it and I genuinely thought he was joking and told him at the time that it was dissapointing how he could spend money on that but not me, he said I had a valid point but said he should still be able to afford to come see me. He works full time so if he really wanted to, he could...

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    • Thanks, hope that things are a bit better for you now? He came online and asked something unrelated as though nothing had happened and went back offline. Dunno haha.

    • Things are okay for me now, definitely not perfect but they're manageable - thanks :) Oh right, are you going to mention how you feel?

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