Liking a new girl but talking to the ex?

i've been talking to a guy who says he really likes me, and his friends say that too, but he said he has to talk to his ex about some important things, mainly cause she wants to get back together, but he said there's a 90% chance that won't happen... now my guy friends say that I'm just his second choice because if he really liked me that much he wouldn't need to talk to her first - is that true? I mean people move on all the time, yet still have drama with their ex... I mean if he wants to settle things with her once and for all, that doesn't mean he doesn't like me, right?


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  • oh my gosh, I went though the same that! don't go for him, just quit talking to him, it's not worth it. you need to forget him.

    and yes, he could like you, but even if he didn't get her back, and he got with you, wouldn't you feel horrible that you were his second choice? like, if she DID take him back, I wouldn't be here with him right now.

    • I mean she wants HIM back, but he doesn't want her... so he says... so then if he got with me I would know that he chose her over me, right? I was just wondering if the simple fact that he went to talk to her to sort things out meant that I'm the second choice... maybe it's just the right thing to do, to give answers to somebody that used to mean a lot to you...

  • i think your guy friend s are right. to be honest they acutually have a point. shocking right jkjk lol

    but if they have the guy bran and they know what goes on.. but this has happened to me. and its true unfortunetlly.. I think you should move on only because the guy that's talking to his girlfriend still has feelings for her cause if he didn't like anymore he wouldn't give her the time of day... id say fiind somene that actually and sencierly love you and doesn't make you his second choice..

    hope it helped

    and fill me in with what happened... if it okay

    • Well the end result -> he had a bday party but said I couldn't come because it would just be his closest friends, and I shouldn't take it personally - I already had a bad feeling about that. then today I saw pictures of him and his ex being all lovey dovey at the party - I KNEW that's why he didn't want me there. so yeah tomorrow I'm supposed to hang out with him, just not sure yet if I should call him out on his lie... or just ignore him and never talk to him again.

    • I think you should just make it awkward for him

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